Meet The Team: Araxist

This is another post in the Meet the Team collection this time about Araxist (tagname Araxi) The meet the team expose’s are done on an interview basis.

Araxist is the teams leading expert on many things including the firecape


Dieu: Tell me a bit about yourself?

Araxist: Well, I played back in 03, I recently returned to the game. My hobbies in game are exploring the map and killing anything that moves, I also enjoy farming items instead of buying them as well as getting involved in the clan chat and what other players are up to. I’m much more of a social guy than a solo guy!

DIEU: So how would your fellow clan mates describe you?

Araxist: I guess I’m always willing to help and give advice when I can.

DIEU: Ace, what are you currently working on?

Araxist: Currently working on getting a 85+ slayer level!

DIEU: Sounds pretty ambitious… what are your biggest achievements to date

Araxist: Hmm probably the 197k of aches getting me from 55-99 mage which took about 4 weeks…

DIEU: That sounds tough are the skillcapes worth it?

Araxi2 ARAXI

Araxist: For sure, I love the blue trim on the mage cape… It’s one of my favourite skillcapes

DIEU: any advice for players going for skillcapes?

Araxist: Just be persistent and try to occupy yourself if you find the skill boring, for example I watched films whilst I alched and fletched when I 99’d them, or did hunting whilst I alched

DIEU: Sweet any parting remarks?

Araxist: My private is always on so if anyone wants to talk their welcome to.

Araxist is the teams General and is the second in command from DIEU he is a great guy to have on the team so definitely drop him a PM or if you doing something worthwhile let us know and we will come and join you!


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