Meet the Team: D I E U

I thought it would be worthwhile to do a meet the team section for the clan… This recognises all players Captain and above and their skills… It also lets you know a little more about who we are (I hope to extend this to recognise all players lieutenant and above but for now it doesn’t)

I’m the owner and main writer of the clan. I play mainly as D I E U when I’m playing osrs although I do have an alt which is a Smithing Skiller. So Hi I’m DIEU (The name of course is egotistical it means god in french) I play for fun… I don’t really skill and am mainly combat based although I do enjoy cooking and fishing at the weekends… My main stats are combat based and I can usually be found ending the lives of some poor OSRS creatures. (I even include photos – So thorough)

DIEU level

DIEU screenshot

Thats me I’ve been playing since 2004 and i would say that I have spent too much time on this game.


Between me and Araxist we organise the Clan events, offer helpful advice and enjoy the game. Please drop me a message anytime and I’m sure we can give you a hand. I also do a lot of clan advertising and try to enhance the clan as best I can!


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