Clan Events

Clan events are run on a flexible basis! As the clan grows and distinguishes the types of events that we enjoy it will be easier to plan events but for now we are really just testing out events and finding out what the clan likes to do. Me and Araxist have been doing some “Beta” event runs playing some mini games and bosses to try and gauge what is possible. The Diversity of levels within the clan will mean that we may have to run 2 events of different types. So we would mainly be looking at all clan events and 80+ events these will be listed as (80+) we may even get to the point of running (90+) events there will also be a category (CMBSC) which is for combat skillcape holders (1 maxed combat skill). There will also be a marker on each to show if it is safe or dangerous (whether you can lose any gear)

Each event will get a review as a separate post

If you have any events you want to see on the clan events page please drop any of the Generals or D I E U a message.

ALL TIMES ARE IN GMT+1 (London) Time


“Beta” Bone Bonanza! (Free) (September 10th 19:00 GMT+1) (Shield Only)

“Beta” Team Pest Control (FREE) (TBC)

“Beta” Team Barbarian Assault (FREE) (TBC)

“Beta” GWD – Bandos – (90+) (TBC) (Awaiting a squad)

“Beta”GWD – Saradomin (CMBSC) (TBC) (Awaiting a squad) (70+ AGILITY REQ’D)

“Beta” – King Black Dragon – (80+) (NO DATE)

“Beta” – King Black Dragon (90+) (NO DATE

“Beta” – King Black Dragon (Free) (NO DATE)