Clan Ranks: How they work

Clan Ranks are and always have been simple at Fortitude.

Contribution + Hard Work = Higher Ranks

This clan is a Meritocracy. This means that the more work is put in by a member and the more responsibility taken the higher the level of that player within the Ranking system.

To view the current ranks click here

The Ranking system

  1. Owner – Oversees the whole clan ensuring both survival and the rules are upheld
  2. General – Also Oversees the clan and heavily involved with recruitment of members
  3. Captains – Deal with the day to day of the clan
  4. Lieutenants – Assist the Captains and make sure that events are filled
  5. Sergeants – Established clan members get a vote on the clans future
  6. Corporals – Members who have been in the clan for more than 1 day but less than 10
  7. Recruits – New clan members who have been with the clan for less than one day
  8. Non-Ranked – Trial members – cannot talk in cc

This is also the way that communications are dealt with throughout the clan and often how decisions are made. To work your way up the ranks get noticed by D I E U or Araxist we do at points recruit new players to higher ranks.


I do tend to keep on top of the Ranks but as the clan grows this will become more difficult however I will do my best.constantly as you buzz in and out.

To view the current clan ranks click here.


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