Clan Rules

As with all things order must be maintained, Fairness and Kindness are the main pillars of this clan.

The Rules.

  1. Follow the official Runescape Rules and Code of Conduct.
  2. Do not be rude or unkind to any other clan members.
  3. Swearing is not banned, any racist, homophobic or sexist remarks will get you kicked.
  4. Help other clan members in their times of need as you would want to be helped.
  5. Luring and Pking fellow clan members is forbidden and will result in you being kicked.
  6. Selling the clan out to other clans will also get you kicked.
  7. If you borrow something from the clan, or a clan member pay them back for it.
  8. Make sure that if you are online you have a chat.
  9. Have fun, this clan was set up to be enjoyable
  10. Beggars will be kicked.
  11. Spammers will be kicked.
  12. Botters will be kicked and run the risk of being reported. If you bot this isn’t the clan for you.
  13. Trying to get other players to break rules or profit at their loss is strongly frowned upon
  14. Be vigilant in game and help the clan with information where you can.

If you get kicked… Give it an hour and send me a PM you might be lucky and I might give you a second chance. I take responsibility for actions within the CC as I don’t wish to restrict the ages of those joining. Keep it clean. I’m not going to kick you for bad language. Any language related to rule 3 will get you kicked

I hold the right to intervene in CC at any point taking action that I feel is acceptable. If you wish to appeal I will discuss matters with Co-owner Araxist and the 3 Captains we will then make a decision. I will normally have the final say unless votes for upholding an appeal are over 50% of the voters.


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