Clanwide Insurance Policy.

Myself and Araxist came up with this to help some of the players just starting out who want to get involved in team activities e.g. KBD or GWD

If you are out doing a clan event or any activity with D I E U then I personally insure your equipment for 500K this means that if you are killed I will replace your gear for you.

The value of the gear goes to a maximum of 500K and no more… if you are wearing full bandos  then I will give you 500k however if you are wearing full rune I will buy you a new set.

If I feel that there is any peculiarities within the situation that you lost your gear then I will not be so interested in replacing it.

If you are perfectly rich enough to replace your own gear then I will make a personal judgement as to whether you need the gear replacing. I am a fairly rich player with around 100M but this scheme is set up to help the players who do not have the cash to risk all their hard earned gear.

This does not include any PKing events. If you are skulled you are risking it and its not the clans problem.

To sum up.

If the clan is doing an event to KBD you bring your gear and you die. I will replace your gear to the cost of 500K.

I withhold the right to end this at any point for any reason. However I will not end this mid event. In this situation a new post will be added to this page and updated.


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