EVENT: “Beta” King Black Dragon (80+)+(90+)

This sets the format for the event reviews… and is a tester at the moment… if it goes down well then its worth doing.

For future events have a look here


D I E U and Araxist went out for a duo trip to KBD, all geared and went towards the Lava maze in the search for a large dragon… Unfortunately D I E U left his private switched on and got “Ganked” walking towards the maze. A team of Mage Pkers were responsible for this – Net Win/Loss (-5,400,000 gp) D I E U’s comment on the event was “Fuck”


D I E U, Araxist and Virbra went to KBD as a trio, managed to get there… made no fewer than 8 kills on the first trip and then 12 on the second, total of 160k loot each for both trips. 2 good trips… with a lot of route and other issues ironed out

Photos to follow from the (80+) Trip

bd7 kbd8 kbd6 KBD4 kbd3 KBD2 kbd


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