Meet The Team: Armadylian

Armadylian (Arma) is the clans event captain… He is a hard working player who can often be found doing long barrows runs as well as this he has both the fire cape and the quest cape.

A message from Arma: Started playing this game shortly after i saw my brother playing it which was around 2004, got completely lost in it and OSRS was the main reason what brought me back after EOC kind of messed things up for me. As my name suggests, I am completely obsessed with Armadyl and crave to have the set soon. As for my personal goals: High melee stats, 85 slayer and access to a wide variety of monsters at will – Never have been too good at it

Stay close to your goals and your heart and follow your dreams!

Screenie 1 Screenie 2 Screenie 3


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