Meet The Team: Virbra

The first of the captains to get a Meet the team page…

Dieu: Tell me a bit about yourself?

Virbra: Im currently working on my range and slayer trying to get them to 70+ and 75+

DIEU: So how would your fellow clan mates describe you?

Virbra: I hope they describe me as friendly and helpful when when I’m around

DIEU: Ace, what are you currently working on?

Virbra: Doing some bosses hoping for some big drops

DIEU: Sounds pretty ambitious… what are your biggest achievements to date

Virbra: Reaching 100CMB is a pretty big milestone for me to be honest.

Virbra is a frequent player and can often be found doing KBD with the team or possibly working on his range/slay

Virb 4VIRB1  Virb3