Monthly Review: August/September

So in the world of Fortitude and OSRS it has been a month of growing and also a month with some great achievements.

The clan pushes each other to achieve things that would normally not be easy or possible but with the support and assistance of the clan it becomes much easier…

In the early days there were 5 or six players these were… D I E U, Araxist, Smooth Stats, Io Spilli oI and Mii158 this was the foundation to learn about how to run a clan… After a week I went on holiday, Araxist was busy, Smooth had loads to do and Mii Quit (possibly banned) Spilli continued to play…

2 weeks later Araxist and D I E U decided that it was now the time to create the clan that we had wanted to initially and this signalled the start of the growth. A website was built. Forum posts created. Names, logos chosen to create the Fortitude that we now know.

We have seen a growth from 2 to around 30 players and an expansion in the amount of CC the nations that are represented and the exploits the clan carries out.

Hard work pays off and whilst we have a high amount of Cladmin (clan admin) for me and Araxi to keep on top of we enjoy every minute that the CC and clan activities brings… For us it has brought a new life to OSRS.

This month has seen some achievements in all forms…

Arma and Araxi have completed the coveted fire cape

Spilli has got a new job

Julian got his appeal successfully

DIEU (I) finished off my Mage SC

Arma made 4.9m at barrows…

and a list of players have gained levels left right and centre…

The activities have started to go as well this month… with a few successful trips to KBD (and one we won’t discuss), and some bone raiding that has gone beautifully with Spilli, Brad and Myself picking 1.5m in bones in a little over 2 and a half hours. Im also going to include a few images that have been sent in below… please feel free to send any screenshots to and let me know they are there as I’m a busy guy

OMG KBD2GetAttachment.aspx

I will do some rank updates in a moment but we have had a huge number of players join this month and we realistically want 30-50 playing members by the end of next month.

Top stuff guys