Clan Changes

Please read this one fully its a bit of a headache for us all!

Me and Araxi today had a discussion that will change the clan and its outcomes for the better! We decided that we had surpassed our expectations for the first stage of clan development getting new and interesting people with varying skill levels and types into our clan. This morning our clan for a while reached 24 with 2 members applying. We now need to be looking to expand to over 50 Members! Which sounds like a lot and a big change but thats because it is! Anyone worried about this please read below:

  • A bigger clan brings more opportunities – more events more chances to do things and more people
  • Newer bigger possibilities – Realistically we can be doing different events with more people too!
  • Much more experience and Help! – more people who know the game to help out.

We have worked very hard to ensure that those among the clan who put their hearts and souls into the game get recognised. So we have reshuffled the way our clan promotes players too!

  • Firstly we have a new ranking system which is identified in the Clan Ranks Page
  • Everyones rank today has changed

With greater power comes greater responsibility and so we have had to structure the clan in a different way with a more community aimed focus!

  • Firstly Captains your roles have changed
  • Secondly Newly Promoted Lieutenants now have responsibilities to help captains with
  • Sergeants are the players who are established and valued members but who haven’t really had a chance to show themselves on the promotable stage
  • Corporals are players who have joined the clan recently
  • Recruits are players who have joined for less than 24hrs

So what are the Captains new roles and who helps them?

  1. Middle Level Events Captain and Team (captain is below team below that)
    1. Io Spilli oI
      1. King Woutie
      2. Aka Wrighty
      3. PastorPasta
  2. Upper Level Events Captain and Team (ditto)
    1. Virbra
      1. Mr Julian
      2. BradJones
      3. TheRealYeezu
  3. Community Support/Clan Assistance
    1. Armadylian
      1. LJR Immortal
      2. SmellyGamer

So what do these roles mean/do?

  • Middle level events are events for the whole clan for players level 10 – level 123 these are wide ranging and the guys will have a full calendar of events probably done on a weekly basis ready to play
  • Upper Level events are the ones that we have been doing more of recently and this me and Araxi felt was a little bit exclusionary towards other players… We want the upper levelled players 80 -123 to have the chance to play bosses as a clan and even try other games such as PKing and Clan wars this is the job for the Upper level event captain and their team
  • Community Support/Clan Assistance… With 23 members there is a huge amount of “cladmin” as me and Araxi call it… We spend hours making sure that the forums are checked and members of the gaming community are kept informed of what we are up to… As the clan grows we will need a bit more help with this. We have built this clan out of kindness and given it a warmth that is tough to match and we want this to continue so Armadylian and his team are going to have the struggle of keeping up with players, making sure the generals (D I E U and Araxist) are kept up to date with what is going on and ensuring that the clan continues to be a safe and capable environment.

So you’ve basically given everyone your jobs?

  • Do not fear me and Araxist will still be heavily involved in all things clan. Dealing with the responsibilities of recruitment, events and keeping websites and forums up to date. As well as the hours of ranks, levels and other things
  • Realistically we do want to also have time to be joining in with the events and ensuring the clans success from every level.

Finally a message from me!

It has been a privilege to watch a clan like this grow and develop into something as strong as it is now… players from something like 5 countries and 7 timezones play as a team and support each other. Congratulate achievement and offer help.

Looking forward to the next chapter and the next month!

Its gonna be a challenge at times but we can all do it!

Thanks Team!


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